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Yerington Monday: The Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society (RHS) is an international social organization originally founded in 1998 in the United States for women age 50 and beyond, but now open to women of all ages. Today, there are over 20,000 chapters in the United States and over 30 other countries

In the fall of 1997, Sue Ellen Cooper, an artist from Fullerton, California, purchased an old red fedora for $7.50 from a thrift shop during a trip to Tucson, Arizona. When a good friend was nearing a 55th birthday, Cooper cast about for an idea for an original gift. Inspired by a well-known Jenny Joseph poem, Warning, which begins “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me. ” Cooper wanted to encourage her friend to grow older in a playful manner. She gave her friend a red hat of her own suggesting that she keep it as a reminder to grow older playfully and on her terms

Why a play group for women?
Most women give their all to family, career, and community. And they enjoy it. But, along the way, sometimes our existing bonds of friendship gradually diminish. Membership in the Red Hat Society is a rewarding vehicle for reconnecting old friends, making new friends and rediscovering the joy of getting together with other woman for the express purpose of… having FUN! We wholeheartedly promote periods of "recess" from the cares and duties of everyday life in which Hatters gather for no other purpose than to play.
Who are the women of The Red Hat Society?
Our Queens & Members are from all walks of life and have varied interests. As a result, each Chapter is unique. Unlike traditional clubs, RHS may have multiple Chapters in a given town. If a woman wants to be Queen of her own Chapter, then by all means… self appoint! Members who have attained the fabulous age of 50 wear red hats and purple clothing, while those under 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing.

What do Red Hat Society Members do?
Our Queens & Members make friends online through our Members' only website,, and gather locally in groups, known as Chapters, simply for fun. The RHS website provides Members with an Event Calendar for posting and viewing local Chapter events, an online discussion forum where Sisters are up 24/7 ready to chat and a Chapter connection tool that allows any Member to communicate with Queens of local Chapters anywhere in the world! Some of our favorite activities are to go to lunch, shop, see movies, theater, weekend trips and RHS conventions. If an activity sounds fun, we grab our Hats and go!

The Benefits of Being a Part of The Red Hat Society.
Yes, we are all about "play," but we cannot discredit the deeper, more meaningful benefits of RHS Membership – powerful interpersonal connections and emotional support systems built among Sisters both online and offline. We support one another in every life stage from all corners of the globe! We are reshaping the way women are viewed in today's culture by promoting, not only fun and friendship, but freedom from stereotypes and fulfillment of goals and dreams. Fitness is the foundation on which we base healthy, rewarding lives. Red Hat Society naturally promotes positive Hattitudes!

Red Hat Chapters in Mason & Smith Valley

There maybe five or more Red Hot Society chapters in Mason & Smith Valley

Smith Valley Red Hots
Jan Jordon, Queen

Donna Gard, Queen
3rd Friday

Monday Group
Laine Cox, Queen
At Dini’s

“Classy Ladies of Yerington”
Elaine Morgan, Queen
Meet 2nd Wed of Each Monday

Red Hat “Classy Ladies of Yerington” Meeting at Cabin Fever
May 11, 2016

Elaine Morgan, Queen

“The Red Hats have been wonderful. They have been great support and provided solid friendships.” said Elaine Morgan when asked what she like about the Red Hat Society.

Sherill Oreb            Linda Newcombe

Gloria Schmidt Melba Nevin

Florence Giorgi

Linda Newcombe, Melba Nevin, Elaine Morgan, Queen, Sherrill Oreb, Gloria Schmidt, Florence Giorgi,

Kinsey Damon (waitress & stand-up comedian) takes the “Classy Ladies” lunch order.  Elaine Morgan, Queen, Sherrill Oreb, Gloria Schmidt, Florence Giorgi, Linda Newcombe, Melba Nevin,

In Memory of Mary Louise Combs
(See Mary Louise Combs Obituary Below)

After their lunch and meeting at Cabin Fever, the “Classy Ladies of Yerington” Red Hats planted seeds as a memorial at the at the Roadside Park/Rest Stop next to Cabin Fever.

Melba Nevin, Elaine Morgan, Queen, Sherrill Oreb, Gloria Schmidt,  Linda Newcombe, Florence Giorgi,

Melba Nevin, Elaine Morgan, Queen, Sherrill Oreb

Gloria Schmidt, Linda Newcombe, Florence Giorgi,  

The finished product.  Now to wait for the seeds to grow.

Mary Louise Combs
May 20, 1934 - April 16, 2016

(Excerpt taken from the Mason Valley News)

Mary Louise Combs passed away on April 16, 2016 after a short illness.  Mary Louise was a true pioneer, moving with her family from her birthplace in Wheatland, Wyoming at an early age.  She grew up in exciting times in a burgeoning wilderness, raising six children, all but the last one being born in Alaska while it was still a Territory,  Living through the Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964, and numerous volcanic events, she carried that “can do Survivor/Pioneer spirit” with her in everything she did and with everyone she met.

She was a kind, helpful, loving child of God, with the attitude most days that “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!”  Even getting up on her own roof at the age of 81, just because she didn’t want anyone else to fall off.

She loved Yerington, the great people, and the tremendous and lasting friendships, which she cultivated within this beautiful valley.

Mary Louise was an active and enthusiastic member of the Red Hat Society and reigned a Queen of the “Classy Ladies of Yerington” for several years.  She was also a member of Beta Sigma Phi.

Her approach to everything she did has aspects of curiosity, challenge, and the need for improvement.  Mary Louise will be greatly missed, but would encourage us all to carry out her thoughtful and purposeful way of reaching to other in our lives each and every day.

A Celebration of Life will be held on June 11, 2016, at 1:00 PM, followed by a Potluck reception, held at the Community United Methodist Church, 221 Main Street, Yerington, Nevada.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Yerington Event: Rotary Spring Picnic Dinner & Dance May 21, 2016

The Rotary Club of Yerington had its annual Spring Picnic Dinner & Dance at the Lyon County Fairgrounds, Saturday, May 21, 2016.  It was well attended. The Picnic included lots of barbecued food and beverages. An auction was conducted and a lively dance with the Night Hawks performing. Jim Sanford presented a tribute to the “two Joe's” (Joe Frade, Joe Giomi) who were Rotary members who have passed on this year.

The Dance

Linda Edwards & Wayne Bowman

Linda Edwards & Wayne Bowman and Gary & Beverly Hansen

Peggy & Ken Bitler and Mike & Val Breckenridge

Carrol & Maria Masini and Linda Edwards & Wayne Bowman

Carrol & Maria Masini and Peggy & Ken Bitler

Linda Edwards & Wayne Bowman

Carrol & Maria Masini

Peggy & Ken Bitler



Gary & Kay Hardesty


The Auction

John Deckman & Lynda Boody conducted the auction and raffle drawings

Items auctioned were a beautiful handmade quilt by Jan Recanzone, an Ace Pedal Car from Giomi Ace Hardware, 50 gallons of gas or diesel from Menesini Petroleum, Dinner for four at the Mason Valley Bowman’s Space Needle, an Italian Dinner for 6 from the Bitler’s, and an airplane ride with Gary Hardesty

The Joe’s Memorial Joe Giomi & Joe Frade

James Sanford presented a memorial speech on the “Two Joes” --Joe Frade and Joe Giomi. (See the Joe’s obituaries at the bottom of this post)

The Attendees

                Peggy Bitler Judy Price

Kathy Mann

Chris Rudolph

Wayne Bowman & Linda Edwards

Ted Rudolph & James Schreiber

Kelly and Skip Bolton & Cindy Nunez

Tony Gullick & Alec Boody

Mr. Boody

Mike & Val Breckenridge

Walt & Shari Tibbals and Gary & Beverly Hansen

Ardy Schrock , SherryTibbals, & ???

Gary & Kay Hardesty


Lisa Sanford & Judy Price




???, Motty & Ted Emens


John & Mrs. Deckman


We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 PM Dini's Lucky Club in Giuseppe's Steak House. 45 N. Main St. Yerington, NV 89447

Over 75 years of service to Mason Valley.
Welcome to the website of the Rotary Club of Yerington, Nevada USA.  We are a group of civic minded residents of this area and are proudly affiliated, since 1935, with Rotary International.  Our primary emphasis is on improving our community, but we have also been involved in international projects.

Some of our early local projects include work on the old wooden bleachers at the high school football field, landscaping around the downtown Post Office building and work at the Wilson Canyon Rest Area (including installing a pump to provide water for picnickers and protecting trees from beavers).  When the state highway department paved the center of Highway 208 (better known as Main Street) Rotary took care of oiling on both sides of the center concrete strip.  In 1994 we were instrumental in acquiring some of the land for our present airport.

In 1985 we began a scholarship program that has grown to annually offer four 4-year scholarships and two 2-year scholarships (total annual cost of ($20,000).  We also sponsor several other programs for local high school students.  Our Student of the Month program honors two students from YHS and one from ROP  each month chosen by the school faculty.  Our RYLA program provides a week long leadership training experience for several local high school students during the summer before their senior year.  A similar program deals with middle school students at the beginning of their 8th grade year.  Our RYE program sends local students to live for a year in a foreign country and brings foreign students here to live for a year.

In 2000 we completed one of our most ambitious projects, the transformation of an eyesore unkempt area into the Bridge Street Park next to the long term care facility at the local hospital.  In 2003 we hauled tons of trash from a canyon near town that had been abused for years as a dump ground.  In 2007, as part of the Yerington centennial celebration, we purchased and installed the clock in front of the downtown post office.  In 2009 we installed the arched “Gateway to the Jeanne Dini Cultural Center” sign at Main Street and Littel Avenue.

Internationally we provided a van for an orphanage in Ecuador, we have contributed to several home building projects in Mexico and we have done a couple of projects with a Rotary Club in Dharwad, India where clean drinking water and school desks were provided for students there.

Our annual “Rotarians at Work” day has provided cleanup, painting and upgrading at park facilities and the local cemetery.  In 2010  we built a small storage shed for the hospital auxiliary group.

Yerington Rotary Tops Scholarships with $30.000 for YHS Students

(Excerpts from Mason Valley News May 25, 2016)

The Yerington Rotary topped the list of local scholarship presenters at the recent Yerington High School Awards Night by providing a total of $30,000 in scholarships to the YHS class of 2016.

The Rotary Scholarship Committee takes several factors into account in extending scholarships to students planning to attend colleges or universities as well as trade and vocational schools. Some of those factors include academic standing, financial need, ambition, integrity, community service, and in one case, even athletic excellence.

The largest scholarship award in terms of dollars is reflected in the Malcolm Rountree Memorial Scholarship, which offers $5,000 to students planning a course of study in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  This year, the Rotary Club was abe to expand the number of recipients of this scholarship to three.

The Rotary Club lost two valued members this year --Joe Frade and Joe Giomi -- and $4,000 memorial scholarships were named after them.  

Two two-year John Giomi Memorial Scholarships for $2,000 a piece were also awarded.

Other scholarships awarded were The Michael Hardesty Memorial Vocational Scholarship for $2,000 and The Manuel Barcellos Memorial Scholarship for $1,000.

Yerington Rotary Club also awards scholarships to Right of Passage graduates.

Rotary International History

Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated human rights purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a secular organization open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference. There are 34,282 member clubs worldwide. 1.2 million individuals called Rotarians have joined these clubs.

Rotarians usually gather weekly for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to fulfill their first guiding principle to develop friendships as an opportunity for service. "It is the duty of all Rotarians, " states their Manual of Procedure "outside their clubs, to be active as individuals in as many legally constituted groups and organizations as possible to promote, not only in words but through exemplary dedication, awareness of the dignity of all people and the respect of the consequent human rights of the individual." The Rotarian's primary motto is "Service Above Self"; its secondary motto is "One profits most who serves best."

The first Rotary Club was formed when attorney Paul P. Harris called together a meeting of three business acquaintances in downtown Chicago, USA, at Harris's friend Gustave Loehr's office in the Unity Building on Dearborn Street on February 23, 1905. In addition to Harris and Loehr (a mining engineer and freemason), Silvester Schiele (a coal merchant), and Hiram E. Shorey (a tailor) were the other two who attended this first meeting. The members chose the name Rotary because initially they rotated subsequent weekly club meetings to each other's offices, although within a year, the Chicago club became so large it became necessary to adopt the now-common practice of a regular meeting place.

Joseph Frade Obituary
Joseph Anthony Frade
December 19, 1930 - January 18, 2016
Joseph Anthony Frade was born on December 19, 1930 in Yerington, Nevada. He was the oldest child of Antone and Anna Frade. He graduated from Yerington High School and attended the University of Nevada, but after one year he was called back home to help with the Ranch.

Joe married Lola Savini on New Year's Eve, December 31, 1950. They were High School classmates. In their junior year Lola become his sweetheart. They were married in the Catholic Church and celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this past New Year's Eve, unfortunately while Joe was in I.C.U. at Renown Medical Center.

Joe owned and operated Frade Ranches, Inc., Valley Dairy, Inc., and Valley Beverages, Inc., until his retirement in 2015.

On December 22nd, Joe and Lola were traveling to Spring Creek, Nevada to spend the holidays with their grandchildren. Tonja Gill was driving them when they were hit by a drunk driver 10 miles west of Lovelock, NV. Joe and Lola were both taken to Renown Medical Center by CareFlight. Tonja and her son, Cy, were transported by ambulance. Unfortunately Joe took the brunt of the injuries. He put up a good fight, but on January 18, 2016 he succumbed to his injuries with his wife and son by his bedside.

The last month of Joseph's life did not define the wonderful life he had. He was loved and respected by many. He was very active in numerous clubs: 20-30 Club, Rotary, Hope Lodge, Eastern Star, and the Pizen Switch Shriners. He also served on the Lyon County School Board. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with friends and family.

Joseph is survived by his loving wife. He is also survived by his son Matt (Debbie) Frade, a daughter Toni Jean Garms and family, grandsons Joe (Tonja) Gill, Scott (Dondi) Gill, Ty (Holly) Frade and grandaughter Kacie (Eldon) Buckley. He had 6 great grandchildren: Regina, Cy Mylee, Harper, Spencer and Skyler. Joe is also survived by his sisters, Louise Barton and Maryanne Roberts, his brother Bill Frade, and their families. He was also very close to Teresa Nesmith and Gino Savini, Lola's sister and brother.

Per Joe's request there will not be a service. He wished to be cremated and have his ashes spread over the Ranch. In lieu of flowers, please make any donations to one of the many service clubs he was so proud to be part of.

Arthur Joseph Giomi
(September 4, 1947 - February 17, 2016)

Well-known Yerington/Smith Valley businessman Arthur Joseph Giomi passed away at his home surrounded by loved ones on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 after a brief battle with cancer.

Joe was born September 4, 1947 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno and moved to Smith Valley at the age of 3 with his parents John and Jere Giomi. He attended Smith Valley Schools, where he was an outstanding athlete competing in basketball, football and track. He graduated from SVHS in 1965. Following high school, Joe attended UNR, Shasta Junior College and Chico State University, earning a degree in accounting and economics. He also received a teaching certificate and taught classes in Reno for a couple of years before returning to Yerington as a substitute teacher. Joe and his father purchased Ace Hardware from the previous owners and opened the store under their management on February 11, 1972. Joe continued to operate Ace Hardware until the time of his death.

Joe became a father from the first time on August 13, 1979 when his daughter Cheryl was born, and a second daughter, Carrie, was born later. Both girls were Yerington High School graduates, with Cheryl going on to attend Pacific University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology; and Carrie attending Lassen Junior College where she picked up an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. Both daughters later joined Joe in the family business.

Joe was very active in the Smith Valley and Yerington communities where he supported local education – something that was “super important” to him. He was also a member of the Yerington Rotary Club where he owns more Paul Harris Awards that any other Rotarian here and also served as president 3 times. In his earlier years, Joe was also a member of the Yerington Lions Club and a board member and president of the Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Knights of Columbus was another organization to which he belonged. He was a member of the Yerington/Mason Valley Fire Department, a MV Fire District board member, and was recently honored as a Lifetime Member. Golf was Joe’s love when it came to sports but he also played slo-pitch softball locally, and he coached Little League.

Joe was preceded in death by his mother Jere and father John, his sister Patti, uncle Dorman and uncle and aunt Joe and Annabelle Giomi. Survivors include his daughters, Cheryl Giomi-Hawkey (Jay) of Yerington and Carrie Giomi-Lippert (Ryan) of Bismarck, ND; brother John Giomi of Topaz; grandchildren Brynn and Morgan Hawkey of Yerington; ex-wife Debby Giomi of Yerington; best friend Sherry Tibbals of Yerington; nephews Dominic Smith (Dena DeAngelo) of Hawthorne, CA and Trevor Smith of Gardnerville; aunt Ginny of Reno; and numerous cousins.

A Rosary is scheduled for Friday, March 11 at 6:00 p.m.; and a Funeral Mass will be held on Saturday, March 12 at 12:30 p.m. – both at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Yerington. Burial will follow in the family plot at Valley View Cemetery also in Yerington. A full Firefighter Funeral Service will be conducted in honor of his service. Honorary pallbearers for Joe will be Byron Bryan, Max Cutright, Dave Dwyer, Fred Hall, Paul Infantino, John Landa and Jim Sanford

Freitas-Rupracht Funeral Home, 25 Hwy 208 Yerington, NV 89447 (775) 463-2911 is in charge of arrangements. Family and Friends are invited to sign his online guest book at

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to the Yerington Rotary Club or the Smith Valley Rotary Club’s John F. Giomi Scholarship.
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