Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yerington Event: YTA - Slide Luck Pot Show May 19, 2016

Yerington Event:  YTA - Slide Luck Pot Show  
May 19, 2016

This show brings the community together to get high on art (not weed).  The admittance fee  was a potluck dish.  Thus the name “Pot Show”.  Many artists displayed their work through short slide shows.  

After we had all eaten, we moved to the theater to view short slide shows of local artists and photographers from the Shutterbugs of Mason Valley.  One of the featured artists was Roxanne Whitaker.  I have always loved her paintings.

Roxanne Whitaker’s Art



Silver City artist, Karen Kreyeski, who has been displaying her art of ladies portraits for the last few weeks, read poetry about many of her ladies whom she had painted.

At the conclusion of the slide shows a presentation of a press was demonstrated by a visiting artist and teacher, Kathleen Kuchew from Fort Hays, Kansas.  She was assisted by Rod McMullen from the Art House on Nevada Street.

Rod McMullen and Kathleen Kuchew Art

       Rod McMullen                            Kathleen Kuchew
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