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Smith Valley Event: Author Program Smith Valley - Ronda Eden May 20, 2016

Smith Valley Event:  Author Program Smith Valley - Ronda Eden  
May 20, 2016

Attended this Ronda Eden’s book reading at the Smith Valley Library.  I loved it!  I felt like a kid again.  She is very dramatic in her reading and definitely knows how to keep your attention.  Eden read several of her children’s books.  Robby the Roo is her new book, which she wrote and illustrated for preschool through first-grade children.  She also read her other book, The Brothers Foot.


The Artist in her Studio

Ronda Eden is a very multi-talented person.  She is a teacher, an artist, a writer, a blogger, a wife and an endurance horse rider.  She lives in Smith Valley and has an artist studio there.  Her art uses many forms and mediums such as illustrations, oils, abstracts and paper mashes.

Originally from Australia, Ronda says of herself:

“I was born in 1956 in Adelaide, Australia the same year the Olysmpics were held in Melbourne of the same country and the same year my brother Richard died. I have two sisters that are five year and 10 years older than me and there is ten years difference between them.OK, how old are they?? e man).

I spent 14 years in the USA where, after sorting through a considerable number of 'unsuitables', I found an excellent husband. I found 'Mernie' shovelling horse manure on his ranch in Wyoming and just had to have him. So I packed him in my suitcase and surprisingly had little difficulty getting him through customs. Oh that's right, they did give his boots a good scrub! Now we have moved back to the US and run a horse boarding facility called Onastring Ranch in Laramie in Wyoming. Now I'm the one shovellin' the poop!”

Since she wrote this about herself, her and her husband have move to Smith Valley.  And enjoy endurance riding.  Her horse Kipling has quite an attitude,  So much so she has written him his own blog called, “The world according to Kip…” at http//themonkeysknownothing.blogspot.com

The Endurance Rider and Her Horse

A commentary of life as an endurance horse from one very opinionated Arabian, want-a be Akel-Teke gelding, Kipling. Hence, 'the world according to Kip!'

Some of Ronda Eden Work

With Spirit

Curly Paint 2

Large abstract piece

Crone of the Blue Ugg Boots.


Illustration:  The Brothers Foot and the Rabbit Proof Fence

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