Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yerington Event: SLMC Mother’s Day Brunch May 7, 2016

Yerington Event:  SLMC Mother’s Day Brunch
May 7, 2016

The Mother’s Day Brunch of the SLMC Auxiliary was a great success.  The food was delicious (the best waffle bar I have ever seen)  and the fellowship was grand.  I really enjoyed myself.  Being new (after many, many years), I do not know the names of many of the people in these pictures.  If you know anyone, please mention their name by each picture.

 Gay Hadsail

 Rebecca Dalski, Sandy Moore, Gay Hadsail, Betty Lasater and Sandy Christensen


Yvonne Draper and Phyllis Longero  

   Gail Kendall, SLMC Auxiliary historian, calling out door prize winners


Laurye Wright, columnist for Mason Valley News

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